Volunteers needed for SAFLII translation project

4 Jul 2016 - 11:30

We all know that some of the most important cases in South African jurisprudence were written in Afrikaans. In an effort to make these cases more accessible to non-Afrikaans speaking students, lawyers and the general public in South Africa, SAFLII has established a database of Afrikaans judgments that have been translated into English. It is available on SAFLII here: . 

The initial selection was compiled by UCT Faculty members and covers most of the curriculum taught at our Faculty. Juta&Co. donated professional translations of some of the judgments on the list - all that they had. We need your help to keep this collection growing! UCT, via its open access initiative, donated R10,000 to the project. But this is not enough. SAFLII is a fully donor-funded project that is dependent on the charity of our users and we cannot afford to pay professional translators' fees, yet we believe this project is very important transformation project, so do the many students who use our services daily.

We have received many gracious offers from volunteers who have agreed to translate the Afrikaans judgments free of charge. However, as quality remains our top priority in everything we do on SAFLII, we request your assistance in proofreading the judgments that have been already translated. 

We also urge you to send us any translations and summaries in English that you may already have developed. 

Help us make these judgments available in English to everyone. Help us make this important step towards our vision of a comprehensive collection of free and accessible law in South Africa.

Send an email to for more information on how you can help. 

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