The Law Library team

9 Aug 2018 - 13:45

The UCT Law Library team. Front row: Anthea Paulsen (Librarian), Zoelfa Jaffer (Library Assistant). Back row: Sadiq Keraan (Principal Librarian), Karen Davids (Library Assistant), Chezlen Levendal (Junior Librarian)

Speak to the principal librarian Sadiq for help on any of the library services, open access publishing, research data management, library marketing, library social media, or comments/complaints about the library premise or culture.

Speak to the reference librarians Anthea or Chezlen for help on the legal databases, finding cases/articles, referencing, bibliometrics, library instruction for a class or group, or research landscape analysis.

Speak to the circulation librarians Zoelfa or Karen for help on library access, finding books, borrowing/reserving material, fines, new books, or booking of study carrels.